Why is the evaporative air cooler not lowering the temperature like I expect?


Why is the air cooler not lowering the temperature like I expect?

First check to make sure the water tank is full, the water indicator located on the side of the unit should be in the full position. Look at the controls and ensure the unit cooling mode is turned on.

On first use turn on the water pump (cooling mode) with no or low air flow to ensure the honeycomb pads are fully saturated before turning the fan on.

Evaporative cooling performance is humidity sensitive, the higher the humidity of the air being cooled the less the cooler will be able to lower the temperature. If the unit is not cooling properly check the humidity of the air being drawn into the unit, it should be below 50%rH ideally. If it isn’t then ensure you have adequate ventilation in the room so that the excess humidity can evacuate the room.

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