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Are air humidifiers hygienic?

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Contrary to popular belief, air humidifiers are neither “sources for the spread of bacteria” nor do they cause mould. The quality of the devices and the proper handling are the determining factors in this respect. The Stadler Form humidifiers available at Air Comfort Centre  are air treatment devices aimed to meet the highest of standards.

High-quality air treatment devices ensure a healthy indoor air. Media reports often unfairly allege that “air humidifiers are a source for the spread of bacteria” or “air humidifiers are causing mould”. The proper handling of high-quality air humidifiers ensures a perfect hygienic environment. The performance and function of the devices are designed to meet the highest quality of life standards. For instance, these devices feature an integrated humidistat which controls the indoor humidity and automatically turns off when the optimal humidity is reached. Therefore, rooms are not excessively humidified (over 60%rH), thus preventing the formation of mould. Moreover, the devices are easy to operate.

Nevertheless, the daily addition of fresh water and by-weekly thorough cleaning are necessary. This procedure is comparable with a coffee maker for which the tank is filled with fresh water daily to provide a perfect coffee experience.

In addition, high-quality products such as Stadler Form Humidifiers set themselves apart from traditional products by the possibility to keep the water clean. The Ionic Silver Cube inhibits microbial growth and helps keep the water fresh for longer. The cube develops an antimicrobial effect. Demineralization cartridges are another highly effective option for air humidifiers and can be used in all Stadler Form ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers.

Current requirements for better health and well-being can only be satisfied with devices that meet high hygiene standards and deliver fresh indoor air. A shapely design, user-friendly cleaning as well as additions for optimal water purification are inherent features of Stadler Form humidifiers.

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