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Thermapen Cooks Thermometer

Backlit Thermapen in Red

Backlit Thermapen in Red

The SuperFast Thermapen thermometer is manufactured in the UK. This kitchen thermometer has revolutionised the way we prepare food.

Thermapen is the digital thermometer of choice for professional and celebrity chefs, most cooking shows seen on TV use the Thermapen, including Masterchef, Great British Menu and Great British Bake Off, and now available from Air Comfort Centre for the home as well as the professional kitchen.

Faster and more accurate than any other cooking thermometer on the market, the SuperFast Thermapen takes the guesswork out of cooking meat, making jam or baking bread and cakes, also ideal for the BBQ cooking to ensure you prepare food safely, a quick stab of the Thermapen and in less than 3 seconds you will know if your food has reached the perfect temperature or needs a little longer.

The high quality, hand built, sturdy design means this thermometer will quickly become your essential kitchen partner and you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it!

Available in a range of 10 colours, it is a must have for all home kitchens, the temperature range it can measure is -49.9 to 299.9°C so the Thermapen thermometer will be ideal for any type of cooking from ice deserts to super hot jams.

The casing is manufactured from a washable “Biomaster” plastic which reduces bacteria growth, each Thermapen comes with a certificate of calibration.

Also available with a backlit feature, the backlit Thermapen thermometer can work in the dark which makes it the perfect choice for serious outdoor chefs! It has an intelligent light sensor that automatically switches the backlight on as it gets dark and has an incredibly long battery life.

And new this year is the Sous Vide Thermapen which has been specifically designed for water bath Sous Vide cooking where precise temperature measurement is required. This Thermapen incorporates a miniature, stainless steel needle probe that has a reduced tip Ø1.1 x 60 mm, optional foam tape is available as an accessory with the Sous Vide Thermapen.

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