How much maintenance is required to be done on an air cooler?


Air Cooler Maintenance

All air coolers have a drain bung for the water in the tank, we would recommend to take the air cooler outside, remove the bung and empty the unit, flush it out and refill at least once a week when in operation. Always use fresh untreated tap water in a air cooler. A full clean ans disinfect wipe down should be done every 3 months and it is especially important to empty and disinfect before packing the unit away for the winter months when it may not be used.

The honeycomb filter pads should be cleaned at least once a year prior to storing for the winter. In hard water areas cleaning may be required more frequently. To clean the pads make sure the unit is unplugged from the mains, remove the back or top of the cooler following the instructions in the operating manual. If the pads show signs of having heavy mineral deposits they will need to be cleaned, in this case remove the pad from the unit. Rinse the pad with fresh water using a hose or soaking the pad in a bath until the mineral deposits disappear, allow the pad to dry in sunlight.

Pads should be changed when they no longer cool as effectively as they did when new. This generally happens when mineral deposits on the pads become so heavy that the water running over them during operation cannot be absorbed. If a pad is properly maintained it’s life can be five years or more.

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