Dehumidifiers can be used to help deal with the damaging and unhealthy effects of mould, damp, and condensation in your home or office. Condensation can start to form on colder north facing walls in your home when the relative humidity is above 60% rH, bacteria and mould can start to grow in this condensation water usually along with black staining of the wall, a dehumidifier will bring the humidity level down to prevent the condensation occurring, as an added bonus the majority of the dehumidifiers we stock can also help to dry your washing indoors without causing moisture to build up within your home.

We stock an extensive range of dehumidifiers including refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers from brands such as Meaco, Stadler Form, Ebac and more. If you are unsure which type of dehumidifier you need read our simple Which Dehumidifier guide to help you decide. We can also offer advice over the phone if you have more questions so call us on 01903 218574.

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