Desk fans, pedestal fans, air circulators and more……

We have a brilliant selection to keep you cool this summer, for instance we have top quality desk fans for home or office use, designer pedestal fans which are useful to direct the breeze just where you need it most, we have wall mounting fans which not only save desk or floor space but also eliminate trip hazard and mess from wires trailing across the floor, we supply air circulators and drum fans which are mainly used for cooling in gyms, fitness studios and in industrial situations like warehouses and factories.

We stock top brands like Stadler Form who win awards for their stylish designs including Q, Otto and the Charly fan range, we also have Hydor who are the top air circulator and industrial fan manufactures, we have the Bluemax massive air movers and we also stock Hunter from America which are top of the range art deco retro style.

With Air Comfort Centre this summer keeping cool has never been easier

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Showing all 31 results