ACS15 Portable Split Air Conditioner


Main Features of the ACS15 Portable Split Air Conditioner:

  • Electronic soft touch push button control panel with thermostat and 24 hour timer
  • Remote control
  • 5 Modes: Auto/Hi/Lo/Dehum/Fan only

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ACS15 Portable Air Conditioner

This feature packed ACS1500 portable split air conditioner is a 15,500btu capacity mobile air conditioner which is excellent at cooling homes and offices. This air conditoning unit comprises of an indoor console type blower unit on castors and an outdoor condenser permanently connected with a 3 metre long flexible umbilical cord, the outdoor unit can be positioned on the floor outside or wall mounted, with the umbilical cord fed through a slightly open window or door. Having the 2 separate parts is an advantage over a standard portable air conditioner as it is much quieter and more efficient at cooling with similar performance to an installed split air conditioner.
Features include an electronic soft touch push button control panel with thermostat and 24 hour timer and a remote control, 3 fan speeds and oscillating louvres, there are 5 Modes: Auto/Hi/Lo/Dehum/Fan only, the unit is self evaporating so there should be no condensate to empty except in the most extreme of humid conditions, in that case there is a condensate full indicator on the unit.
Cooling capacity: 15,500btu (4.3kW)
Operating temperatures (ºC): Indoor 16-32 Outdoor 21-35
Dehumidifying capacity max: 45 litres a day
Airflow volume max. (m³/h): 630
Indoor product dimensions HxWxD: 695x470x335cm
Outdoor product dimensions HxWxD: 490x510x230cm
Indoor unit weight: 36kg
Outdoor unit weight: 14kg
Noise level (dB(A)): Indoor 59/Outdoor 64
Minimum ambient temperature 5C
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Operating Current (A): 7.7
Input power: 1,310W
Energy rating: B
Refrigerant charge: R410a/1080 g


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