Symphony DiET 22i Air Cooler


Main Features of the Symphony DiET 22i Air Cooler:

  • Will effectively cool areas of up to 20m2
  • Ice chamber for boost cooling
  • Automatic louvres for better airflow distribution
  • Symphony DiET 22i gives powerful cooling with a 9 metre air throw

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Symphony DiET 22i Air Cooler

The new DiET 22i evaporative air cooler from Symphony is the world’s first diet air cooler, it eats up less space and it eats up less energy!

The new DiET 22i air cooler is the perfect balance of performance and style. Power consumption of only 150W makes it one of the most energy efficient coolers in its class, the symphony DiET 22i gives powerful cooling with a 9 metre air throw and will effectively cool areas of up to 20m2.

The DiET air coolers have an ice chamber for boost cooling, automatic louvres for better airflow distribution, multi directional wheels so you can move into place effortlessly even when full of water, Symphony diET coolers occupy less floor space than conventional evaporative air coolers and the special high efficiency pads cool 30% more than conventional pads, filling is easy with a water inlet at the top and at the back and there is a handy water level indicator.

As with all air coolers, they work best when there a flow-though effect of air through the room to be cooled.


Cooling Area: 20m2
Tank capacity: 22L
Air throw: 9M
Air delivery: 850 (500 cfm)
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Power 150W
Weight: 12kg
Dimensions LDH: 30x33x89.5cm


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