Blueair 203 SmokeStop Air Purifier


Main Features of the Blueair ‘Slim’ 203 Smokestop Air Purifier:

  • The Blueair 203 can clean the air in rooms up to 16m2 with 5 air exchanges an hour
  • Extremely quiet operation with 3 fan speeds
  • Patented HEPASilent technology and 3-stage filtration
  • Capable of collecting dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mould spores, and other airborne particles that can easily trigger symptoms
  • This unit comes equipped with a SmokeStop Filter, this filter removes cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and other volatile organic compounds – in addition to allergen particles

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Blueair are undoubtedly the best air purifiers on the market today, the new ‘Slim’ Blueair 203 SmokeStop  Air Purifier is the solution for cleaner air in your home or office. Whether you are living with an aggravating allergy, asthma, or respiratory condition or if you simply want to create cleaner, more breathable indoor air, eliminating smoke and smells, the Blueair 203 SmokeStop is for you. The Blueair 203 Smokestop can clean the air in rooms up to 16m2 with 5 air exchanges an hour.

With features such as multi-stage filtration, highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) ratings for its class, extremely quiet operation, a filter change indicator, simple maintenance, and Energy Star-qualified operation, the award winning Swedish design Blueair 203 delivers professional top-notch results at an economical price.

Like other Blueair air purifier models, the 203 unit filters the air using patented HEPASilent technology and 3-stage filtration. On its lowest speed, the 203 traps 99.97% of particles sized at 0.1 micron using a combination of mechanical and electrostatic processes. This unit comes equipped with a SmokeStop Filter – This polypropylene particle filter is enhanced with extra activated carbon. Best for use in spaces where odours and gaseous pollutants are present, this filter removes cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and other volatile organic compounds – in addition to allergen particles.

To help maximize the filtration effectiveness, the 203’s internal ioniser exerts a negative charge over incoming particles, which helps them become more readily captured in the filter. To maintain the unit’s optimal air-cleaning performance, remember to replace the filter every 6 months. The unit’s magnetic filter replacement indicator will remind you when it’s time.

This air purifier has extremely quiet operation, specialised materials, such as noise-muffling galvanized steel, and precision Swedish engineering help this Blueair air purifier clean your indoor air without the noise associated with less-advanced units. On its lowest setting, the Blueair 203 Smokestop model emits less sound than a desktop computer. Helping it to achieve exceptionally quiet operation is its HEPASilent filter system. Because the filter traps particles using both mechanical and electrostatic means, room air flows more freely throughout the unit. Since air passes more easily through the lightweight filter, the unit’s internal fan does not have to work as hard or as loud to generate air movement.

The Blueair range or air purifiers is Energy Star rated, the Blueair 203 uses significantly less power than other units, which means you can run the system round-the-clock without seeing a steep jump in your electricity consumption. In addition, the Blueair 203 Smokestop emits zero ozone and is constructed of environmentally friendly parts and materials to help protect the planet as you protect yourself with cleaner air. Both the Particle and SmokeStop filters are made of non-toxic polypropylene, which ultimately breaks down into water and carbon dioxide when burned. These filters also contain no triclosan or other harmful chemical additives. The air purifier’s galvanized steel housing is powder-coated for endurance and protection, they are built for years of effective use.


Blueair 203 Smokestop Suggested Room Size: 16m2 (175 sq ft)
Recommended For: Smoke and Odour removal and for Allergies and Asthma
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Dimensions HWD: 53x44x21cm
Weight     11kg
Fan Speeds: 3
Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM) 130 cfm (220 m3/hr).
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADRm3/hr) Dust: 195; Smoke: 195; Pollen: 195
Power:    20-80W
Housing Type    Steel
Warranty 5 years


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