Blueair Aware Air Quality Monitor


  • Blueair Aware monitors and records the air condition in your home
  • Get realtime anywhere access via the free Blueair Friend App on your smart phone
  • Monitors VOC’s, particulates, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels
  • Recorded history helps to identify recurring issues
  • Use in conjuction with your Blueair air purifier to control air quality in your home when you are out
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Knowing the condition of the air you breathe is vital, with the Blueair Aware air quality monitor you can measure and monitor your indoor air quality. Studies show that indoor air is between two and five times (sometimes up to 100 times) more polluted than the air outside and many of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors. How does the air you breathe measure up? You can find out with this smart indoor air quality meter and then act to secure your health and wellbeing. the Aware monitor quickly detects airborne particles, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity while sending real-time updates to your smartphone via a free App.

Designed to quickly detect hundreds of different types of airborne particles, including particles, volatile organic compound, and carbon dioxide equivalents in your indoor environment. Place your Blueair Aware in your home or workplace to start collecting your unique air quality data. Download the free Blueair Friend app so you can monitor your indoor air in real time, track historical data, and get alerts using your smartphone. To help eliminate allergy triggers, the Blueair Aware also monitors room humidity and temperature.

The Blueair Aware can be used in conjunction with the new range of WiFi enabled Blueair air purifiers and the Sense air purifier via the Blueair Friend App, enabling you to be aware of problems with air quality in the home and then through the App controlling the air purifier remotely to get air pollutants under control again.


Air quality sensing: Particulate matter, total VOC, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity
Size (HWD: 185x80x80mm
Weight: 410g
Power: Non-detachable USB cable, 1.7 m AC-DC 5V 0.5A USB Adapter
Connectivity: Sends and stores data every 5 minutes, connects to iPhones/iPads with iOS 8 and upwards, and Android phones and pads from 4.1 and upwards