Ebac Industrial CD35 Dehumidifier


Main Features of the Ebac Industrial CD35 Dehumidifier:

  • Commercial building dryer dehumidifier
  • Steel body and stove epoxy finish making the unit strong and durable
  • Variable humidistat which can be set between 20%rH and 80%rH

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Ebac Industrial CD35 Dehumidifier

Ebac Industrial CD35 dehumidifier is a robust 10.2 Litre per day commercial building dryer dehumidifier.
As a result of condensation or flood water entry into homes mildew and mould can have long lasting harmful effects on the walls and the contents of properties and can initiate serious health problems such as asthma.
The CD35 is the solution, built to last it is made with an all steel body and stove epoxy finish so is remarkably durable and strong.
The Ebac CD35 is cheap to run at only 0.25kW, features include a variable humidistat which can be set between 20%rH and 80%rH, integral non spill 3.5 litre water container with automatic cut off or permanent hose connection, hot gas defrost, robust castors and carry handles for easy manoeuvrability
Effective Volume:100m3.
Dimensions HWD: 550x345x350
Weight: 26kg
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Power: 0.25kW
Current: 2A
Airflow: 150 m3/hr
Noise Level: 50dB
Extraction: 10.2 litres per day
Min Operating Temp: 3°C
Max Operating Temp: 35°C


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