Brune B500 Evaporative Humidifier


Main Features of the Brune B500 Evaporative Humidifier:

  • Will protect cigars in storage, valuable furniture, musical instruments, artworks, office environments, and humidity critical areas.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 1,000m³
  • All functions controlled via remote control making the unit tamper-proof once programmed

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Brune B500 Evaporative Humidifier

This Brune B500 evaporative humidfier will stop air drying out and control humidity which will reduce expansion and contraction of materials and provide a healthy working atmosphere, the humidifier will look after:

  • Cigars in storage
  • Valuable furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Artworks
  • Office environments
  • Humidity critical areas

This is a high capacity mobile humidifier with lots of features that make it ideal for use in cigar storage, museums, offices, storage areas and public places.

It’s an evaporative humidifier for rooms up to 1,000m³. All functions are controlled solely via a remote control making the unit tamper-proof once programmed which is ideal for use in public areas.

A wireless sensor can be attached up to 30m away with a Velcro strip, this sensor transmits current room humidity back to the humidifier giving precise humidity control. This remote unit emits a warning signal as soon as the batteries need changing.

Water is held in a tank at the bottom of the unit and pumped to the top of the humidifier to be evenly distributed down through a Bio-filter that runs around its sides. Dry air is sucked in through these moist filters and blown back out of the top of the unit, optimally humidified and filtered.

The unit’s 50 litre water tank is filled manually. Once you have filled the B500 you can set the humidistat and select the fan speed using the remote control.

The B500’s fan has four manual settings and one automatic mode in which the fan is regulated up or down by the output requirement dictated by the sensor.

The digital display gives information on current room humidity, operating status, water fill level, fan speed, filter change display and its self-diagnostic system.


Dimensions: W755mm x H620mm x D365mm
Weight approx: 24kg
Supply connection: 230V/50Hz
Performance intake: approx 125Watt
Evaporation performance: 2.5 l/h at 25°C and 20%rh
Evaporation filter surface: 3.5m
Air performance: 800m³/h

Suitable for rooms up to 1000m³

Water storage: approx 50ltr
Running noise: 32 – 44dBA (depending on fan level)



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