Carel HumiDisk10 Humidifier


Main Features of the Carel HumiDisk10 Humidifier:

  • Efficiently humidifies and cools the air
  • Suitable for use in cold rooms, storage facilities, ripening rooms, Paper and printing facilities, and Textile industries
  • Can be installed on a wall or can be hung by chains from the ceiling

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Carel HumiDisk10 Humidifier

The Carel HumiDisk10 uses spinning disk technology to atomise water and transform it into millions of minute droplets which are introduced into the air by a fan where they evaporate, efficiently humidifying and cooling the air. The humidifier can be controlled both via an external switch and with the supplied mechanical humidistat which can be connected directly to one or more Humidisk10 units (up to a maximum of 10 units, with parallel operation).


Cold rooms, storage facilities and ripening rooms for products, such as wine, fruit and vegetables, where low humidity level causes weight loss and product spoilage;
Paper and printing facilities, where the correct level of humidity must be maintained to avoid variation in paper size and consequent misprints;
Textile industries, where the maintenance of the required humidity according to the production process and the type of material used is fundamental.


The humidifier can work with air temperatures ranging from +1°C to +35°C, and has a power consumption of just 31W. The inside tank contains a limited amount of water, around 0.055 litres, and is emptied whenever the humidifier stops atomising, thus avoiding risks to health and smells from stagnated water remaining inside the unit and guaranteeing a high level of hygiene. The unit can operate either on drinking water (mains) or demineralised water.

HumiDisk can be installed on a wall or can be hung by chains from the ceiling, fixings are not included.


Humidifying capacity: 1 litre per hour
Dimensions: 390mm dia x 312mm H
Dry weight: 4.3kg
Water tank volume: 0.055 litres
Power consumption: 31W
Air flow: 80m³/hr
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Operating limits: 1-35°C, 0-100%rh

Humidistat included

Certification: CE and ETL