Carina Evaporative Humidifier


Main Features of the Carina Evaporative Humidifier:

  • Sleek, simple design with clean lines
  • Ideal for use around the home in bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries or any room up to 35m²
  • Very quiet operation

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Carina Evaporative Humidifier

The Carina evaporative humidifier has a sleek, simple design with clean lines. It is ideal for use around the home in bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries or any room up to 35m².
Evaporative humidifiers achieve a highly effective humidifying effect in a natural way. Dry air is drawn into the back of the humidifier and through a water saturated filter; the moistened air is then blown out through the top of the humidifier. Included with the humidifier is an Ionic Silver Cube , this cube slowly releases silver ions into the water which have an anti-bacterial affect and will help keep the water clean.
A great feature of the Carina is the water filling opening on the back of the humidifier. This opening allows you to refill the water tank with a watering can while it is still in operation. It has a very quiet operation with a noise level less than 25 decibels and an extremely low power consumption of just 8W.
The evaporative filter within the humidifier will need to be replaced every 3 months and the silver cube needs to be replaced every 12 months; the life span of the filter and the cube may vary depending on air and water quality.
Humidifier suitable for rooms up to 35m² /95m³
Produces up to 250g humidity per hour
Easy to fill while in use
Very quiet operation
Dimensions HWD: 255 x 350 x 190mm


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