Eva Humidifier White for rooms up to 80m2


  • Precise humidification thanks to the external humidity sensor
  • Ideal for music rooms
  • Elevated mist outlet of up to 1.4 m allows direct placement on floor
  • Selectable warm or cool mist and 5 output levels
  • Humidifies rooms size up to 80 m² / 200 m³
  • Adaptive Humidity™ technology for accurate humidity control
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The new Stadler Form Eva humidifier blows cool or warm mist humidity into the air using ultrasonic cool mist technology and provides precise humidification with its external sensor, you just place the sensor at the most critical point, on or under a piano for instance and the Eva humidifier will maintain the critical humidity level to right where it is needed. The sensor also serves as a remote control allowing you to set the humidity level and output.

Despite the high humidity output, Eva humidifier is very quiet and is extremely sensitive to changing humidity levels which is thanks to the Adaptive Humidity™ technology, in auto mode Eva humidifier automatically and proportionally adjusts the output level to quietly and efficiently reach and maintain the desired humidity level, avoiding the up and down humidity spikes of standard home humidifiers.

The selectable water pre-heating not only increases the humidification output, but also emits a comfortable warm mist. Eva humidifier is also very flexible and offers the choice of five output levels and selectable humidity setting from 30 % – 75 % rH.

For night-time bedroom use the lights can be dimmed or even switched off completely, and to ensure your well-being is perfect, Eva humidifier can also distribute a scent of your choice with the integral fragrance dispenser.

Eva humidifier is the right choice if you want precise humidity control, it can control humidity in rooms up to 80m2 but even better in smaller rooms as it is controlled by a hygrostat it cannot over humidify and will work less hard, meaning that the water tank will need to be filled less often, Eva humidifier is perfect to control the environment in piano rooms, rooms with valuable art or furniture, or in cigar storage humidor rooms.

Colour: White
Output up to: 550 g/h
Room size up to: 80 m² / 200 m³
Output levels: 5
Power consumption: 10–95 W
Dimensions (W/H/D): 196 x 418 x 196 mm
Weight: 3.0 kg
Water tank size: 6.3 litre
Sound level: 26 – 34 dB(A) which is whisper quiet


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