Taurus Steam Humidifier


  • Humidifies rooms of up to 70m2
  • Safe Sterile Steam – Great for use in Nurseries and for Allergies
  • Integral Hygrostat to control humidity level
  • 2 Power settings – Very quiet in operation
  • Massive 7 Litre water tank


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Our steam humidifier Taurus can control the humidity in rooms up to 70m2, Taurus also works well in smaller rooms as it has an integral hygrostat which switches the steam humidifier on and off to maintain the ideal humidity level, never over-humidifying and leaving the perfect humidity condition in your home.

The massive 7 Litre water tank capacity means you don’t need to refill as often, the tank is removable so for convenience you can take it to a tap to refill and then refit in the humidifier, for economy the Taurus steam humidifier has 2 power levels, the half power level is ideal for night-time use as it makes the unit virtually silent.

Vaporiser or steam humidifier generate steam by gently boiling the water with a heating element, they will consume more power than evaporative or ultrasonic humidifiers, but they are very effective and ensure well-distributed room air humidity.

The main advantage with a steam humidifier is that the steam they produce is sterile and safe, no bacteria or germs can be present in the vapour, this makes them ideal for use in in nurseries protecting babies from symptoms of croup and also ideal for releiving symptoms of allergy and asthma sufferers, in the UK doctors reguarly recommend the use of steam humidifiers for all kinds of conditions.

Maintenance is easy with the Taurus steam humidifier, you will need to regularly descale and rinse well, it is important not to use softened water to rinse as it contains a high amount of salt, just normal tap water works great, you can add a scalecatcher accessory to you order which will help to keep limescale from forming on the heating element and works just like a kettle scale ball.


Humidification capacity up to 500 g/h
Power consumption up to 480 W
Suitable for rooms up to 70 m² or 150 m³
Tank capacity 7 litres
Integrated hygrostat for setting the desired air humidity
Dimensions WHD: 397x293x235mm
Weight 2.3kg

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