Slimline Radiant Heat Panel 1800W


Main Features of the HS1800 zero light Heater:

  • Radiant heater with zero light output
  • Effectively heats terraces, balconies or conservatories, works well in both outdoor and indoor applications
  • Heats people and objects directly with no waste energy

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The slimline radiant heat panel HS1800 is a zero light heater, the stylish black heater with its curved design is the perfect solution for effectively heating terraces, balconies or conservatories, it works well in both outdoor and indoor applications.  The advanced technology makes it the radiant heater of the next generation.

Similar to Infrared heating, this zero light heater heats people and objects directly, similar to the heat from sunlight, by permeating the air and firstly heating the surfaces of materials or bodies, which thereupon emit heat into the ambient air, whereby the ambient temperature is increased.

By means of an innovative mechanism the anodized aluminium profiles are thermally separated, so that the front of the radiator generates optimal radiant heat with max. 400°C, the back of the heater will only reach a maximum of 90°C, this results in very low energy loss and utmost cosy warmth. Heatstrip provides a reach of up to 3 metres.

The curved ribbed front has been physically calculated to ensure the best possible radiation angle for an optimal heat distribution. Moreover its corrosion-resistant aluminium construction in connection with weather-resistant components meeting the VDE Standard, they may be used in covered outdoor areas, even in coastal regions (IP-X4).

The zero light heater can be used indoors or outdoors in the home as well as in commercial enterprises, typical applications are:

Outdoor seating areas
Terraces and balconies
Tents and pavilions
Courtyards and winter gardens
Restaurants and bars
Smoking areas
Conservatories and indoor areas


Maximum power: 1,800W
Power: 8A
Min/Max mounting height: 2.1m – 2.5m preferred (3m max)
Area it will heat: 3.5m2 (approx assuming outdoor undercover)
Weather protection IPX4 (must be protected from direct weather from above)
Dimensions (LxH): 104x17cm
Weight: 7kg


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