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Energy efficiency air conditioning units

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Energy efficiency air conditioning units

Energy efficiency air conditioning units

Today we hear a lot about energy efficiency and air conditioners and ecological “low power” devices, but what does this really mean when it comes to our air conditioning?
Energy efficient air conditioners use a smaller amount of energy than less efficient ones, whilst maintaining the same levels of performance. This means that efficient air conditioners are cheaper to run, saving you money each time you switch them on.

• Why should we be energy efficient?

We are constantly reminded to be Eco-Friendly. Buying an energy efficient product is a great way to do our bit and be as Eco Friendly as we can. Energy efficient appliances such as air conditioners help save energy, money and the environment too. They save money because they use less electricity than more wasteful appliances. This means that the savings really can be significant over time.
Energy efficient air conditioners are responsible for a reduced amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) are altering our planet’s climate, making temperatures increase and sea levels to rise. If every air conditioner owner in the UK switched to an A-rated air conditioner, the energy protected would save over 35 million buses worth of CO2 emissions. This highlights how a relatively simple course of action repeated by a large number of people can make a huge difference.

• How do you know if an air conditioner is energy efficient?

Energy efficient air conditioners are simple to recognise; all you have to do is look out for the Energy Efficiency label. If it’s A-rated, then this means that it’s energy efficient.

• What’s the EU Energy Rating?

The EU Energy Rating measures energy efficiency on a seven point scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). This rating covers a huge range of household appliances, such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble driers, electric ovens, as well as air conditioners. A product with an A rating will have passed a demanding, impartial testing procedure, so you can be certain of its high energy efficiency.

By adopting appropriate behaviours, you can significantly reduce your consumption and save up to 30% energy. For this, you’ll need to follow just a few simple actions:

Set the temperature set at 24 ° C minimum. Just 1 ° C less than this will use 7% more energy.
Close doors and windows in the room when the air conditioner is running. Any air intake brings warmth and moisture that will increase the need for air conditioning.
Turn off the air conditioning when you are away.
Set your air conditioner to use only at certain times, which will in turn optimise its operation.

• 8 benefits of energy efficient air conditioners

1. While the acquisition cost is a bit higher than other models, the expense is paid only once. Also, since your air conditioner now has maximum efficiency, this translates into instant energy savings.
2. Those that have ecological air conditioning get savings of up to 70% thanks to two aspects: on the one hand it directly reduces electricity consumption, and the other, renewable energy is used. Thus CO2 emissions are reduced, contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of human activity.
3. Split Air Conditioners deliver cold air and warm air, which means that you can use them for summer and winter use. This isn’t the case with others that work only seasonally.
4. Air conditioners are controlled via a remote control, providing comfort and safety too. This is because there are fewer possibilities for accidents such as burns, gas leaks, etc. that accompany regular heating through radiators or electric heaters.
5. Air conditioners have an air distribution system through the deflector fins. This means that unpleasant and annoying air currents are avoided.
6. The air conditioners have dehumidification systems, reducing the moisture level for optimum comfort and help keep mould growth at bay.
7. Ecological air conditioning is also responsible for removing bacteria from the environment and eliminates airborne dust, which help in avoiding allergies. This makes it a healthy and safe option for the whole family.
8. The life span of ecological air conditioning can often exceed five years. This is dependent on performing maintenance from time to time, so that it can continue to perform in perfect condition.

• The rise of air conditioning

With technology improving at such a rate, air conditioners are becoming more and more efficient, as well as practical. No longer are they large, unreliable and noisy metal boxes. Air conditioning manufacturers have driven for sleeker designs, ease of use and lots of features to make the product as versatile as possible.
This makes air conditioning an immensely attractive option for both domestic and commercial users. Reverse air conditioning technology has only cemented this viewpoint. Having the capability to not only cool a room down, but to heat it too is hugely important for companies and homes to manage throughout the year.
Some of the world’s largest creators of air conditioning such as Toshiba, Climapac, Fujitsu and Premiair have both fixed and portable products that are pushing the boundaries of energy efficient air conditioning.

One of our suppliers are Airedale

• Steps to buying an energy efficient air conditioner

Step 1 – Prevention and leak repair
Fix places around your home that are poorly insulated or that allow air to flow in and out so that your new air conditioner will operate at its best.
Step 2 – Determine the size
Find out what size unit you need to cool by measuring the relevant space, or request a central air specialist to inspect your home.
Step 3 – Understand SEER
The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the measure of how much a unit cools per unit of power – the higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency.
Looking for a model with the EnergyStar logo is also a good way of finding out if it is an effective device.
Step 4 – Extras
Look for additional features that will help conserve energy, such as a thermal expansion valve with an automatic fan switch delay and filter change indicator.
Look at the second ranking, called EEF, with a value of 11.6 or higher. A higher values means it will work more efficiently in hot temperatures.
Step 5 – Compare
Compare the output, productivity and SEER ratings of various models in similar price ranges.
Step 6 – Make a purchase
Buy the most fuel efficient model you can afford.

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