Which Air Conditioner?

We stock a variety of air conditioners including portable air conditioners, through the wall air conditioners,  wall splits and cassette splits, our brands include Sanyo, LG, Fujitsu and we stock Prem-I-Air brand for portable air conditioners.

The size of air conditioner you should pick depends on the area you need to cool. For instance, an office typically has higher heat than a lounge because there is more electrical equipment and and people occupying the office which give off heat.

Rooms with south facing windows are going to become hotter on a sunny day than rooms with north facing windows and will therefore demand a bigger air conditioner.

In order to find out which size air conditioner you need you can use our ‘Cooling Calculator’ in the right hand margin of this page, just enter details such as room size, number, size and aspect of windows, how many people and monitors will normally be present and the total Wattage of lighting in the room and it will calculate the minimum cooling required in both btu’s (British thermal units) and in kW.

Once you have worked out the size of air conditioner you need, you should choose the style of air conditioner that would suit your room best. The sections below outline the advantages and disadvantages of each type of air conditioner and will give you an indication of what type of situation they are suitable for:

Wall-mounted split and cassette split air conditioners

Powerful outputs to cool medium to large sized areas
Very quiet operation
Lots of features and functions including dehumidification
Attractive designs

Good air distribution

Provide both cooling and very efficient heating


Need to be professionally installed in line with F Gas reg
More expensive than portable or window units
Has separate internal and external units that must be joined which requires drilling and permanent fixing with electrical isolators.

Suitable for:

Usually installed into offices, restaurants or shops, wall mounted units can also be used in lounges, bedrooms and other rooms that require permanent cooling and are noise sensitive. Areas bigger than 64m2 can be accommodated with multiple units working from one condensor. The cassette split unit is the best to use where there is a large ceiling area with a void above as will give 4 way air distribution.

Portable air conditioners


Relatively cheap to buy
No professional installation required – simply turn on and vent exhaust hose through a window
Cooling solution that can be stored away when not in use
Ideal for spot-cooling a single area
Portable – can be moved easily and used in more than one area


More noisy than split air conditioner
Not suitable for large areas
Need to leave a window or door partially open to vent exhaust hose unless use a pipe through the wall.

Suitable for:
Portable air conditioners are the ideal solution for domestic situations during the summer months, most units can also provide heat so you could think about installing more permanently in a conservatory (you can vent the hose out of the wall through a pipe) Great for economic cooling of small rooms up to 38m2 or spot cooling an area, for instance a workstation in a larger space.

Through-the-wall / Window air conditioners

Relatively cheap to buy
Can be installed by a competent DIY’er or a builder so no expensive A/C installation
The SWPREM ans PMINISW units are very attractive for conservatories or offices.

One self-contained, integral unit
No condensation tank to empty as condensate is drained to outside.
No need to leave window or door open for venting


More noisy than a split system as the condensor is part of the uint
Outputs up to 11,000btu. Not suitable for large areas unless you buy multiple units
Must be installed on the inside of an external wall

Suitable for:
This type of unit is ideal for conservatories as it can be installed through the top of the brickwork below the windows on a dwarf wall. Window units are also suited to installation through a sash window – simply sit it on brackets and close the window on to it. Other popular applications include offices, porta-cabins, hard standing caravans and small offices.

Please call us if you need any further advice, we can supply air conditioning to all of the UK but can only install, service or inspect as part of the F-Gas regulations for businesses in the Sussex area.