Which Blueair Air Purifier Should I Buy?

Blueair are the best air purifiers available today and we are proud to represent them in the UK, this is because they have the most effective filters on the market, they achieve the industry highest CADR (clean air delivery rate), they operate at near silent noise levels and they are both stylish and built to last, manufactured in Sweden with metal housings, Blueair air purifiers have won awards for their design, we offer a manufacturer warranty of 5 years on all units and all Blueair air purifiers have earned ‘Energy Star’ rating for the lowest energy consumption possible.

To select the best Blueair air purifier for your room firstly identify why you need an air purifier, is because you want to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma or is it to purge the room of smoke or odours?

If it is for allergies only then you should select from the standard range, if you also need to eliminate smoke or odours then use the SmokeStop version which has increased amounts of carbon in the filters which absorb smells and smoke, the Smokestop air purifiers are designed to work just as well as the standard units for allergies and asthma.

Next you should measure the room size you wish to purify, Blueair air purifiers are sized so that the air passes through the filter 5 times an hour, choose the system that matches your room size. NB if your ceilings are higher than average, choose the system that matches the next largest room size, remember that the larger the air purifier the faster the air in room will be cleaned.

Room Size                               Best Blueair Air purifier

Up to 16m2 for Allergy                   Blueair 203
Up to 16m2 for Smoke/Odour      Blueair 203 SmokeStop

Up to 20m2 for Allergy                   Blueair 270e
Up to 20m2 for Smoke/Odour      Blueair 270E SmokeStop

Up to 34m2 for Allergy                   Blueair 450E
Up to 34m2 for Smoke/Odour      Blueair 450E SmokeStop

Up to 65m2 for Allergy                   Blueair 650E
Up to 65m2 for Smoke/Odour      Blueair 650E SmokeStop

Whichever Blueair air purifier you choose we are sure you will be delighted with the quality and performance.