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Which Panel Heaters and Fan Heaters

panel heater and fan heater

Panel Heaters and Fan Heaters

fan heater
Enjoy a warm home and workplace when it’s cold outside
A cold home is miserable and a cold workplace demotivates staff and costs money. Keep productivity high with cost effective, high efficiency heating from Air Comfort Centre – the experts with over 25 years experience.
Home, factory, warehouse, office, shop or sports centre – get prepared for the winter with an inspired heating solution from Air Comfort Centre Ltd
Warm Air Heating
We stock a great range of portable floor standing fan heaters and oil filled radiators as well as permanently fixed wall mounted fan heaters and panel heaters, these robust and durable heaters offer a flexible and cost effective means of heating your warehouse, factory or commercial building.


Radiant Heating and Air Curtains

Radiant heaters and air curtains are effective in areas where there is regular air movement, for example outdoor areas, conservatories, retail outlets, workshops and warehouses where the doors are often left open, Air Comfort Centre are UK agents for Heatstrip heaters and also stock a large range of high quality infrared patio heaters.
Air curtains and door heaters use a wall of pressurised air to keep the heat in your building during winter cold spells, they will also keep the heat out when temperatures soar in the summer. By reducing wasted energy they offer potential savings of up to 30% on heating costs.

panel heater
Top Tip to keep warm… Buy a ceiling fan! Not only used for creating cooling drafts in summer, used spinning in reverse they will move warm air down from the ceiling to where you are, enabling you to reduce your thermostat temperature but still keep toastie warm. Air Comfort Centre are the only UK dealer for Hunter Ceiling fans




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